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Trial Experience

Sheehan Vs Crosby April 2020 Arbitration in a rear-end accident where a car at high speed struck a cable installer’s truck. Expert Witness

Joanna Berdet vs Jamie Ortiz and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. May 2019 Soft tissue case with ligament laxity, whole body impairment rating, and impact of the injury on future quality of life as the central focus of the case. verdict. Treating doctor

Ellen Tadd & Charles Street Family Chiropractic, Inc. vs Premier Insurance company DBA Travelers of Massachusetts. October 2017, Violation of the Personal Injury Protection Statue. Split decision. Treating doctor

Expert Opinion Cases

Rear-End Crash, Low Back Instability case, impairment rating given.

Rear-End Crash, Neck instability case, impairment rating given.

Rear-End Crash: Low back and neck instability case, Impairment rating given.

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