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Rely on Us for Jaw and Facial Pain Relief After a Car Crash

Being able to smile widely, speak clearly, and chew comfortably are critical elements of your day-to-day life. However, if you suffer from facial or jaw pain, any or all of these actions may be uncomfortable or difficult to complete. Following an automobile accident, you may suffer injuries to your jaw or face. Such injuries are among the most common in car crashes. The force of a collision, broken glass, and whiplash are all contributing factors. But it is critical to address such injuries promptly. The chiropractors at Boston Chiropractic Spine & Injury Center are standing by to help when you need us. We operate a state-of-the-art facility in Boston, MA, where we can provide all of the adjustments and techniques you need to feel better again following your accident. Call our friendly team today to learn more about jaw and facial pain relief.

Jaw and Facial Pain is Common After Auto Accidents

Car collisions do not just pose a threat to your neck and spine. They can also injure your face and jaw. Drivers and passengers alike are vulnerable to these injuries, and there are many varieties of which to be wary. Depending on the nature of your auto accident, you may not immediately notice jaw or facial pain. That does not mean it is not there, but your body’s pain response could be focused on other body parts. There are also instances where pain manifests itself days or weeks after a car crash. Among the types of jaw and facial pain you may experience in an auto accident are:

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

Your temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to the bones at the front of each ear and operates as a hinge for your mouth. Trauma from a car crash can injure it, resulting in pain, symptoms such as teeth clenching, and other effects.

Whiplash Trauma

If you experience whiplash as a result of your head thrusting forward and backward quickly, you may suffer from damage to your temporomandibular joint or an anterior injury, which could displace the articular disc within your TMJ.

Facial Fractures

Facial fractures are increasingly less frequent because of safety measures and restraints, but they are still a concern in auto accidents. Chiropractic care can do little to repair facial fractures, so you must see a specialist if you suffer such an injury.

guy with jaw pain

Chiropractic Care Can Remedy Jaw and Facial Pain

Individuals who suffer from TMJ or whiplash trauma can find relief from chiropractic care. Your spine may be misaligned or your nerves may be damaged, either of which intensifies the pain you feel. Our chiropractors have spent years training to diagnose and treat such issues. Our proven techniques can relax your muscles, realign your spine, and even target trigger points in your jaw to accurately reposition it. Regardless of the cause of your jaw or facial pain, we will correctly diagnose it and devise a customized treatment plan to help you recover.

Contact Our Team for an Appointment Today

Jaw or facial discomfort is something you will notice every time you turn your head, open your mouth to speak, and attempt to chew your dinner. In the blink of an eye, you can go from feeling fine to suffering immense pain as the result of an auto accident. To help facilitate talking, chewing, and smiling, seek chiropractic care from the professionals at Boston Chiropractic Spine & Injury Center. We treat patients from Boston, MA and throughout the surrounding area to ensure they can lead normal lives following an accident.

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